Warring Nations

Warring Nations (UIQ 3.0) 1.0

Conquer regions and build castles in this strategy game

Warring Nations is a turn-based strategy game, where the action is taking place in the Medieval World. It is the time of noble lords, great battles, and glorious victories.

Warring Nations features

Portrait and landscape orientation support

Mini-map is available in landscape orientation mode to ease the map navigation

Two players on the same device option

You can play with your friend sharing the same PDA. We also have plans for IR/Bluetooth/WiFi support in future versions

Multiple resources

Players collect taxes, fish, meat, corn, wood, stone, gold, and iron from their provinces. These resources come to one’s treasury as gold coins, food, timber, stone, and armory. Resources are used to equip and maintain soldiers, build and repair castles


Player can sell resources he/she does not need, and buy the required ones. Prices are not fixed, but are dictated by the market demand and diplomacy relations


Player can declare war, propose peace and alliance, present gifts or demand tributes. Diplomacy relations define actions players can perform (for example, you can not attack your ally, you have to break up the alliance first) and affect market prices on resources


Players can build fortresses of various types on their lands. The construction process takes resources and time, and player can actually see how fortresses get assembled, brick by brick. After a siege, fortress may need to be repaired. Moats are available for extra price. Additional fortress blueprints can be downloaded and installed separately

Downloadable worlds

The game engine is not limited to medieval centuries. For example, swordsmen can be replaced with gunners, archers with grenade throwers, knights with jeeps and so on. All game graphics, user interface layout, in-game help, names, unit types, and other resources are contained within a separate world pack. Downloading and installing a new world can give new look and feel to the game, which will greatly extend its replay value. Multiple worlds can be installed simultaneously. The first release will contain Medieval World only, but more worlds will follow, and yes, they will be free for download. Even more, we plan to release World Development Kit to allow users to create their own worlds

Downloadable maps

Each world has several maps built into it, and more maps can be downloaded and installed separately. The Medieval World will contain two maps, Medieval Europe with 34 lands, and Fantasy Lands with 55 lands

Real-time battles

Battles can be either hidden (played in "Quick battle" mode), or animated in real-time. We also have plans to provide the option to control units directly in future versions

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Warring Nations


Warring Nations (UIQ 3.0) 1.0