Warring Nations

Warring Nations 1.1

Create your own empire with castles and fortifications

Turn-based strategy game. The first world pack produced for Warring Nations is Medieval Heroes, where the action is set in medieval times. These are times of noble lords, great battles and glorious victories. As one of medieval lords, you are given a chance to unite all territories under your own control.

The game territory is divided into provinces. In the beginning of the game, several lords begin to compete for lands, starting with only one province with a castle. During the game, lords collect taxes, recruit forces, conquer new lands, and build new castles.

Features of Warring Nations include:

  • Downloadable maps. Each world has several maps built into it, and more maps can be downloaded and installed separately
  • Real-time battles
  • Players can build fortresses of various types on their lands. Additional fortress blueprints can be downloaded and installed separately
  • Diplomacy. Player can declare war, propose peace and alliance, present gifts or demand tributes. Diplomacy relations define actions players can perform and affect market prices on resources
  • Trading. Player can sell resources he/she does not need, and buy the required ones. Prices are not fixed, but are dictated by the market demand and diplomacy relations
  • Hotseat mode. Two players on the same device option

Popular, fun strategy game.

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Warring Nations


Warring Nations 1.1

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